Who we are

Established in May 2002, Europe Consulting is the synthesis of the professional and human experience of the three founding partners, gained over many years of activity in leading Information Technology Companies, in the conduction and implementation of computerization projects and as Solution Managers specialized in applications.


Companies that turn to Europe Consulting find a Partner who supports them in a process of improvement of their Information System, with:

  • competence in proposing appropriate applications to the needs
  • knowledge of innovative and advanced technologies
  • methodology in the analysis
  • accuracy in planning activities

Strategic Assets

We support all of our customers in their strategic activities and in daily operations by supporting them in their decisions by applying our experience and the ability to listen and understand needs, reliability in project management and cost-effectiveness in implementation.

Business Ethics

All those who work in the company are involved in a process in which you experiment, in a demanding way, what it means to have “the Person” at the center of your activities: Colleague, Customer, Supplier, …

Civil Economy

Europe Consulting adheres to the Civil Economy and Communion project.

The Economy of Communion offers a way of thinking and acting in the economic system based on certain principles – such as reciprocity, gratuitousness and fraternity – which exceed the supremacy of profit or instrumental exchange in economic and financial activity.

It therefore proposes itself as a possible alternative to the capitalist conception of the market.